2013 Flood Damage

October 14, 2013 The Indoor Range is fully operational. The following is a report by First Vice President Nick England from his visit to the range on September 25:

Both approaches to the bridge are gone. The highway approach has most of the asphalt and base washed away. The range approach is washed completely out. From what I could visualize, the embuckments and piers remain in place. On the range approach, it appears the bridge was moved slightly from the flow of the water and impacting debris. The road between the bridge and gate is non-existent. The base is washed back to the edge of the hill it was cut out of. The gate was washed out and is on the creek side. The range side of the road is gone all the way to the first 10 MPH sign. The creek split and now runs where the road once was. The first curve no longer exists. The culvert is present and displaced. There is a approximately 12-15 foot deep wash, and a 50-75 foot section of road is missing.

Overall, approximately 70% of the road is damaged, 20% is not passable with any type of vehicle, 20% is severely damaged with washouts and missing base, however is passable with a vehicle, the other 30% has missing shoulders and washouts. The straight away has many washouts and is subject to continuing damage without proper water control. There are many diversions and changes in the water flow along the road as well as many stoppages and clogs. At the government property sign, there is a wash that came down from the upper rifle range and wash out a 30 foot section of road. A large section of the upper rifle range between the 100 and 200 yard benches was washed out. The pistol range is in good shape with some erosion by the SACONs. The target shed, tables and benches were in great shape. The dumpster was there and upright, the vault toilet was dry and unharmed.

The archery range has a flow diversion in it and some of the lower targets were washed away. The archery shed is dry and in good shape.

The trap range is in good shape, there is some standing water near the target boards and some erosion on the target berms. There is some erosion around the Ranger’s building. All the SBC poles are up and in good shape. There is some washing around pole A. There is some wash dirt in the lead trap. The trap house is dry and the generator is good. The dumpster was present and upright.

The upper rifle range has some erosion. The drainage ditch is full of the wood we had stored behind the target berm. The range road looks solid to about 120 yard line then the water found a path under the road and washed it out. There is about 75-100 foot section of range road missing or severely damaged. The wash from the range washed the road out below at the range entrance. The dumpster was present and upright.